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I think the main drive for space colonies is "I don't want to live on this planet anymore!", rather than economic concerns.
If your main colony driver is a government that wants stable, peaceful, reliable trade/resource extraction then there will likely be a serious limit who goes in the first couple waves to a new planet. Preference being given to people who work well together, have the right skills, and won't turn into bomb throwing anarchists over minor political differences of opinion. Given that you're leaning towards only big supercomputer organizations being able to produce routes to unexplored places, and those routes just being data, an org might not even publish the route until they're sure of a safe & stable colony government with reasonable citizens who are invested in the colony's success.

If a group could crowd source unused cycles on civilian computers to get a new route and your main colonization push is dissatisfaction with current local policy/economics/culture then you'll get lots of monoculture & ideology settlements. A non trivial number of those won't check their settlers. You could even get unscrupulous businesses that will, for enough money, provide everything but the settlers. Actually, they don't even need to be unscrupulous, just profitable. You'll get failed settlements because they lack particular skills. Extremely xenophobic settlements with some warped history that makes shooting strangers on sight a perfectly rational decision. Some settlements will have their little coups at the first leadership crisis and become truely scary regimes.

You can, of course, do both. Governments that carefully set up stable colonies, heavily restrict who gets to go, and keep the routes secret until the colony is successful. Ideological or dissident groups that scrounge up enough money to escape to a new paradise where their ideal society will surely thrive without any problems.