The Storm broke, the army of the dead marched on the town. The rogue who is turning into the defacto leader of the group suggested to get to the cemetery and not take the frontal approach through the horde of shambling zombies. Then someone else suggested looking for a headstone with six stars on it. They expected to find the scroll there but instead found the secret passage to the old cemetery which is walled up to keep things in. After finding vermin filled mausoleum after mausoleum they finally made it to the top of the hill and found the Tarascon mausoleum containing the zombie lord. Three of the four suffered effects from the zombie lord's odor, two being incapacitated for 3 rounds due to nausea and vomiting. The ranger permanently lost a point of constitution. The cleric was just fine.

They did the fight sequence after the zombie lord said his monologue which I added "Now join my army of the dead!"in honor of Diablo 2 coming back out. That will not be the last diablo reference this campaign. Fight was rough, it took them forever to figure out non-magical weapons did exactly jack to a Ju-Ju zombie. The cleric charged the zombie guarding the zombie lord who then used one of his Animate Zombie powers to force her to Save vs Death Magic. She rolled a 2 and fell to the floor rising two rounds later to attack the ranger from behind as a zombie.

The rogue once again took command as soon as his stun effect wore off and started shooting zombies with his bow. Then the red moon of prophecy appeared and stunned all the undead. (thats actually written into the scenario) So they went and concentrated fire on the zombie lord. Eventually he did go down as did all the lesser zombies(my own idea) but the Ju-Ju hating the living kept on fighting. The rogue then figured out that his weapons actually worked while the ranger's did not. The paladin could not be used for information because he couldnt hit the broadside of a barn the entire fight. FInally it went down to the DPS master rogue.(He isnt really, he just seems that way)

Back to town they went and found the sun coming up for the first time since they had been in this accursed land. Town celebrates. Dwarf general store offers his behind the counter wares since they were heroes. The town priest will cast a detect magic in the morning so they know what they have that is magic. Ring of fire resistance and a ring of +1 AC plus a short sword and a dagger. Unfortunately they have no one to cast Identify to know what they do so I am still going to have to keep track of bonuses and add them behind the screen.

All in all a good ending. Now they are off to Port and to see more of the Dread Lands.