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    Though he denies it, his friends insist that Crown Prince Jared uttered this line to the vampire champion Ervinden, who was skewered at the bottom of a pit-trap... before dangling his still-bloody stump just out of the hapless undead's reach, and walking away. See, Ervinden had cut that hand off not five minutes prior, an act of treachery Jared was apparently still somewhat bitter over. Admirably spiteful for a human, if true.

    "Wait, these are your servants? I had assumed them some form of free-range snacks! ...I don't know whether to feel embarrassment for myself, or pity for you, that you would cling so pathetically to the vestiges of your humanity."
    Archmage Bilimoro "The Unwise" to the thrice damned Otuvia after she decided to pay dwarves for making the highest quality fortress money could afford for "Not being stabbed in the morning by random bystanders", this was followed by Otuvia wrecking all the forces of Archmage Bilimoro with an army of vampires most of them being the former "free-range snacks" of the archmage thus starting the legendary siege that was described in the piece called The Last Light of the Winter War.
    This is why this story is told to any that would not want to pay their employees or eat them.

    "I still get attacked each day despite living in the best castle and having twenty guards so I suspect some of them might be sleeping during the day"
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