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Actually, was Pellan ever explicitly referred to a male?
Preferably by the skeleton themself?

I mean, there's the "Isn't Pellan a girl's name?" "It's a warrior's name." exchange (Not that those are mutually exclusive), but even that is potentially misleading.
The objection might be well over being called a child (girl instead of woman) instead of the implication that P's female.
Or it is a matter on emphasis. Pellan is a warrior, academy trained and all, not some random traveler who is halfway descent with a blade.
*shrug* We've seen women warriors in this world. It seems to me like there's no point in saying "Isn't Pellan a woman's name?" if Pellan isn't a guy or at least appears to be one. Yeah, sure, skeleton, but in that case, wouldn't the priests have just assumed they were wrong and Pellan was a woman?

It wouldn't surprise me given how careful this story has been with Pellan's pronoun (I haven't been able to find a 'he', though thief-lady-whose-name-I-forget did once refer to pellan as 'hero', and in 149 Pellan is called 'it') but I doubt it.