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The Colony - You spend time helping survivors at the colony. Any player here will get the support of another survivor and will have two votes during the next Day Phase.
Grocery Store - You spend time searching for supplies. During the next Night phase, your vote for the Night action counts double.

School - You spend time searching the school for information. Everyone at the School must agree on one player to investigate. All players here will see whether the target is Town or Mafia. Only one of School/Library will be investigation.
Library - You spend time searching for books. Each Night, the power here will be random. It will include the abilities from the other locations, plus others.
I like the idea and the rules you have set up. Just some questions:

The colony and store effect all players who go there instead of selecting one, right?

Can the Library (randomly) be investigation? Will the players at the lib select a target by vote? Will there be one power per night or one power per night per player?

In general, how are ties resolved?