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    Default Re: Cooperative Worldbuilding - A Promised Necromancy

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    "That's the great thing about vampires...I can put you through as much pain as I want, but you die only if I wish it. Shall we keep going for another century? Or will you simply tell me what I want?"
    Saleema of the Veil, who had been given a vampire as a cell-mate in an ill-advised attempt to kill her quietly. After a brief few minutes demonstrating which of them was the more dangerous monster, she proceeded to quiz him as to the state of the world outside the tower.

    "You took everything from me. Did you truly expect me to just roll over and give up? No. I will see you burn, and our whole kingdom with you if that's what it takes to secure my vengeance."
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    When you combine the two most devious, sneaky, manipulative, underhanded, cunning, and diabolical forces in the known universe, the consequences can be world-shattering. Those forces are, of course, players and GMs.
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    Realism, the natural predator of D&D mechanics.