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    Rogan and the Mafia

    Games played: 17 (11/5/1)
    Games won: 9 (6/2/1)
    Deaths: 9,5 (6,5/3/0) (twice at endgame)

    (Town, Mafia, Neutral)
    The half death was a suicide after the wolves surrender, which allowed a neutral to win as well. Not included is a game where I got sick d1 and subbed out. Technically lost as scum.

    Opinions of other players
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Popo View Post
    Rogan is the lawful paladin to my chaotic evil genie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    Having stared at Rogan's first post for a while, I've reached a few realisations:
    a) I don't know how to read Rogan
    b) I have little to no confidence in my reads or my POE any more
    c) there's a lot of IRL stuff I should be doing which is more productive
    Quote Originally Posted by Metastachydium View Post
    I don't trust Rogan at all, but even if he's a hostile, he's pulling his weight around here and provides us with an ample amount of opportunities to keep an eye on him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bladescape (in Discord)
    Rogan, honestly, when you're allowed to play for longer than a single day you are a pretty good town player
    If you want me to include your opinion, let me know

    Other quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Book Wombat View Post
    Rogan becoming the thing he swore to defeat.
    You mean Xihirli?
    Some games later...

    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    I became the very thing I was sworn to destroy... Rogan.
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