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    Default Re: Cooperative Worldbuilding - A Promised Necromancy

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    "I need no more slaves, I can find those at any graveyard. I am, however, in need of allies."
    Keiril the Dark, requesting asylum of Dhelar of Cairn Ty. Though practically immortal, every death took its toll on him, and the living nations of the world were all too ready to exploit the growing vulnerability of the one-time "Apocalypse Mage". No one has yet dared to ask her why she tolerated his presence, but I suspect it was a combination of simple boredom and hunger for the adventurers and armies that would inevitably come seeking his head. Or maybe she weaves some deeper scheme...

    "Death comes for you, on wings of silk and bearing claws of glass. When you reach the World Below, give my daughter your regards."
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    When you combine the two most devious, sneaky, manipulative, underhanded, cunning, and diabolical forces in the known universe, the consequences can be world-shattering. Those forces are, of course, players and GMs.
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    Realism, the natural predator of D&D mechanics.