My computer has a broken touchscreen. There is no option to disable in BIOS, and of all the many input methods, this is the one that has no settings in the system settings.
In the past, I solved this by editing the 10-evdev.conf file file, but since I upgraded from Fedora 32 to 35, this no longer has any effect. Even the "xinput disable #" command doesn't do anything anymore.

Sometimes when I start the computer, it just registers inputs everywhere on the screen all the time and effectively bricks itself, but so far restarting the computer three or four times has randomly resulted in the screen behaving itself. But I am concerned that at some point the computer will actually brick itself permanently, so this really is not an acceptable situation.

Anyone an idea why the typical methods to disable touchscreens in Linux no longer work after a recent update and what alternative methods might still do the job?

(Also, what were the creators of an OS thinking to not have touchscreen settings in the GUI system settings?!)