In addition to those listed in the Unearthed Arcana, a Druid with the Aspects of Nature variant feature may take on the following aspects. Note that some are modifications of pre-existing aspects, and that some aspects may require a certain Druid level.

Agility: Altered from book: Gain a +8 size bonus to Dexterity, and take a -4 penalty to Strength. You size changes to Small. Cannot be assumed alongside Brawn. Prerequisite: Druid level 8th.

Bear Hug: The druid gains the Improved Grab ability from the Monster Manual.

Brawn: Replaces Vigor from book: Gain a +8 size bonus to Strength, and take a -4 penalty to Dexterity. Your size changes to Large. Cannot be assumed alongside Agility. Prerequisite: Druid level 8th.

Burrower: The druid gains a dig speed of 10, or 5 if they choose to leave a tunnel behind.

Echoes of the Earth: The Druid gains Blindsense out to 30 ft. Prerequisite: Druid level 12th.

Elemental Note: All elemental forms remain the same, save that the damage reductions is changed to /adamantine, and they may be used simultaneously with any aspect other than the other elemental aspects.

Endurance: Altered from book: Gain a +4 bonus to Constitution, and Fast Healing 1. Prerequisite: Druid Level 8th.

Flight: Altered from book: Grow wings, and gain a flight speed equal to twice your base land speed, including any enhancements, at average maneuverability. You may not fly in Medium or Heavy armor, or while carrying a medium or heavy load.

Horns: You gain a Gore natural attack with sturdy horns or antlers. The attack deals 1d6 piercing and bludgeoning damage at Medium size, but doubles all damage done if used in a Charge.

Leap Frog: The druid gains a +20 enhancement bonus to Jump checks, and reduced falling damage while conscious by 2d6.

Scales: The Druid gains a +4 bonus to Natural Armor, and DR 5/magic. Prerequisite: Druid level 8th.

Shimmering Claws: The druid's natural attacks count as Magic for the purpose of overcoming DR.

Shining Claws: The druids natural attacks overcome all DR save for DR/-. Prerequisite: Druid level 16th.

Sturdy Wings: Can only be selected alongside Flight. Gains two secondary Wing natural attacks, dealing 1d3 bludgeoning damage at Medium size. You can also fly with Medium or Heavy armor, or a medium or heavy load, albeit at a 20 foot speed penalty.

Tail: The druid gains a tail slam natural attack that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage at medium size, as well as a +10 enhancement bonus on Balance checks. Special: A druid with a fly speed may improve the maneuverability by one step.

Thick Fur: Insulation provides you with resistance 10 to Fire and Cold.

Web Slinging: The druid may spend a standard action to cast the Web spell, with a cooldown of 1d3 rounds. While the Druid or an ally is falling, they may use a full round action each round of the fall to use webs to reduce their falling damage to zero, as well as being able to alter their landing point by a distance up to the height of the fall. Prerequisite: Druid level 12th.
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