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    The Mandrake Oak

    Huge Plant
    Hit Dice:10d8+50 (90)
    Speed: 40 Feet*
    Armor Class: 20 (-2 size, -1 dex, +13 natural), touch 7, flat-footed 20
    Base Attack/Grapple:+7, +28
    Attack: Slam +12 melee (3d6+9)
    Full Attack: Slam +12 melee (3d6+9), Slam +7 melee (3d6+9)
    Space/Reach:15 ft/15 ft
    Special Attacks: Double damage against objects, Essence Constriction, psi-like abilities, spell-like abilities, Expert Grappler
    Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 10/slashing, low-light vision, plant traits,
    vulnerability to fire, Fertility, Dead Man's Birth, Movement Limitation*
    Saves: Fort +12, Ref +2, Will +4
    Abilities: Str 29, Dex 8, Con 21, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 18
    Skills: Concentration 18 Ranks, Spot 14 Ranks, Listen 9 Ranks
    Feats:Improved Grapple, Ability Focus (Essence Constriction), Improved Natural Attack
    Environment: Temperate Forests, Battlefields, Graveyards
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: 13
    Treasure: Twice Standard
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Advancement:11-16 HD (Huge); 17-21 HD (Gargantuan)
    Level Adjustment:--

    As you approached the clearing, you first smell an odd sweet mixture of musk, blood and death. In the center is a tall and twisted oak, corpses strewn across its bows, rotting in the afternoon sun. They rot without smell. Many of the wounds seem self inflicted, some of them look as if they have drowned amoungst the leaves. All of the corpses though have become entangled by the branches of the centre oak. Almost all of them were men.


    Mandrake Oaks look remarkably similar to a normal oak, except usually not reaching the same size. Instead of growing straight, branches reaching out to catch the sun, the branches instead seem twisted, as if the plant is constantly struggling against unseen vines. The Bark peels off as if the plant is sick, but in such a way to leave sharp and scraping edges all over the plant. After the Mandrake Oak kills or incapacitates it's prey it draws the body into its limbs, which wrap arround the body and begin to suck all fluid from it. If cut, the Mandrake Oak exudes a pungent smelling mixture of blood and sap. All of the leaves seem to have a reddish tint, as if fall was constantly near.


    It is thought that the first Mandrake Oak sprouted from the curses of a dying man. A prisoner who had committed no crime was hung for the murder of a pregnant woman he never met. His hanging did not go smoothly, his neck did not break on the initial fall. Fed by his blood, sweat and dying curses a small acorn grew into something horrible.

    Mandrake Oaks feed off of the fluids of creatures that venture too close. They have no need for the flesh, but through drinking they both quench their thurst and gain sustinance. The scents the plant produces cause unusual and varied reactions amoung its victims, many try to kill themselves, or simply become unable to breath because of the plant's aroma.

    If any venture to close to the mandrake root, it crushes them alive trying to squeeze the blood out of them. Reguardless of the exact method of death, the Mandrake Oak somehow calls the bodies closer to it, enfolding them in its grasp. The leaves of the Oak wrap around open wounds and drink deep.

    Why the Mandrake Oak seems to have an effect on fertility is unknown. Some stories suggest that even the undead become fertile after an encounter with a Mandrake Oak. This apparent blessing of the plant seems to also be a means of reproduction.

    The Mandrake Oak never creates or drops acorns. Some of the children that are born to mothers who have encountered it are found to have acorns growing inside of them. Over time the Acorn becomes a full mandrake root.. and sometimes it sprouts into a new tree.

    This only seems to happen upon the death of its host.

    It is unknown wether completley new Mandrake Oaks are created by new hangings, or if the plants somehow reproduce through execution as well. Many executioners have as a precaution taken to burning any new trees that sprout near their nooses.

    Mandrake Oaks do not stay in one place, but are rarely if ever seen to move. Some scholars suggest that they are capable of teleporting to places of death, while others suggest that instead the Mandrake Oak only moves very rarely.

    It always seems to arrive at places of death, with plenty of juicy bodies.



    Pre-Combat Preperations: The Mandrake Oak usually batters the ground around it, making it treacherous and difficult for attackers to approach through. Assume that every space within the reach of the Mandrake Oak is difficult terrain, and any plants within this reach have been crushed to death.

    Combat Against a Single Male: The Mandrake Oak will pretend to be a harmless.. although oddly situatated plant. It will not move. The Mandrake Oak will silently manifest attraction on the Single Male trying to get him to approach. Once within reach the Oak will grapple him and use Essence Constriction until the target is dead.

    Combat Against a Single Female: The Mandrake Oak will pretend to be a harmless normal plant. It will not move. It will not manifest any powers. After the female has entered its fertility range, it will them silently manifest Aversion to get the single Female to leave.

    Combat Against a mixed Group:
    Before combat begins the Mandrake Oak will try not to be noticed by female party members through manifesting Cloud Mind. During Combat it will attempt to restrain them using Ectoplasmic Cocoon.

    Against melee combatants it will attempt to use Death Urge to get them to kill themselves. Against non-melee combatants it will either try to kill them using Crisis of Breath, or use Telekenetic Force to move it into grapple range.

    After all hostiles have been incapacitated it will use Telekenetic Force to move them into its reach and then Essence Constrict them.

    Special Attacks:

    Psi Like Abilities: At Will: Attraction (10th DC 15 Will), Aversion (10th DC 15 Will), Cloud Mind (10th DC 16 Will), Telekenetic Force (10th DC 17 Will), Recall Agony (DC 17 Will Half 4d6)

    3 times a Day: Crisis of Breath (10th, DC 18 Will/Fort) Death Urge (Will DC 17), Ectoplasmic Cocoon (10th, DC 17 Ref), Body Adjustment (2d12)

    Spell Like Abilities: At Will: Black Karma Curse (DC 17) (PG2)

    3 times a day: Lastei's Caress (BED) (Modified, can work on Good and Neutral Creatures as well as Evil, Level 10)

    Expert Grappler: The Mandrake Oak does not take penalties from grappling, and can grapple two creatures at once.

    Double Damage Against Objects:
    The Mandrake Oak does double damage against objects.

    Essence Constriction:(Su)
    During a Grapple, with a successful grapple check with a creature up to one size larger then itself a Mandrake Oak deals damage equal to its slam damage value plus 1 1/2 times its Strength bonus. The Mandrake Oak also causes one point of constitution drain, and gains five temperary hit points.

    Upon a successful Essence Constriction the target must make a will save (dc 16), or loose one of it's psionic feats, as chosen by the Mandrake Oak for ten minutes. During this time the target does not have the psionic feat, but the Mandrake Oak does, and can use it if it is otherwise qualified.

    Special Qualities:

    Fertility(su): Any female within 100 feet of the Mandrake Oak becomes unusually fertile for the next three months. This even allows even the undead to conceive and give birth. If a woman effected by Fertility has an aquired template that would normally prevent conception and pregnancy, such as most undead templates, then this template is not passed on to the child. Other templates may be passed on. Halfway through pregnancy the mother must make a fortitude save DC (), or the child becomes effected by the Mandrake Oak's Astral Seed power if the Mandrake Oak is still alive. The Astral Ectoplasm takes on the form of a small oak seed inside the child, too small to cause any physical problem. The Mandrake Oak can have Astral Seeds in multiple children.

    Should the Mandrake Oak be destroyed while its Astral Seed is contained within a child (born or not), its soul is immediatly transfered to a random Astral Seed. If the Seeded child selected is not yet born, the mother can make an additional fortitude save DC (). If successful the child miscaries and the Mandrake Oak permanantly dies, only able to be restored by Reality Revision, Wish, or True Ressurection. If failed the mother is instead the host for the Mandrake Oak seed. If the mother is undead she automatically succeeds on the fortitude save.

    If the Mandrake Oak's soul is successfully transfered to the Astral Seed the spell functions as normally, except: While functioning as an Astral Construct of the Mandrake Oak's level, the Astral Seed does not have a move speed, and cannot make physical attacks. Instead of retaining it's power point pool it instead still has access to all it's spell-like and psi-like abilities it has while alive. In addition, it has a constant Sense Link Forced (sight), and Sense Link Forced (Smell) on the target. While in Astral Seed form the Mandrake Oak has a single virtual level loss. Instead of thirty days until it's soul dissipates, the Mandrake Oak has until the next Equinox (Or other twice yearly Astronomical event).

    It takes 10 days for the Mandrake Oak to change the Astral Seed into a new body. During this time it transorms itself into a mandrake root. It can be removed in those 10 days with a successful DC 30 heal check. If not removed during those ten days, the host dies. If the mandrake root body is burned, the Mandrake Oak is permanantly destroyed, only able to be restored with Wish, Reality Revision, or True Ressurection.

    After ten days have past the Mandrake Oak attempts to grow back to its former size. This takes an entire month, during which time the Mandrake Oak resembles a normal, although fast growing Oak Tree. It has access to it's Psi-Like and Spell-Like abilities but no other abilities or attacks.

    Dead Man's Birth (Su): Should any male creature that the Mandrake Oak has seeded be killed through hanging, the Astral Seed will go through the same process of regrowing a body, but instead create a new Mandrake Oak.

    Movement Limitation: Mandrake Oaks only have a movement speed on the Equinox (or other twice yearly astronomical event).

    Plot Hook:
    After a battle between two armies, an unusual tree has appeared just outside one of the camps. At night soldiers have been dissapearing, only to be found in the morning impaled and broken upon the trees branches. Is their a traitor in the camp? Is a cult making a cruel example of the PC's allies?

    Plot Hook:
    The Lich gives birth.
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