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Well, the key to alignments is that no two people can actually agree what they really mean, in or outside of wizards of the coast. ;)

My take on Lawful is that it means that someone really believes in the rule of law, and so on. Evil or otherwise. So even the Lawful Evil corporation boss will keep a promise, because as much as he hates it, he gave his word. (conversely, I don't assume that chaotic characters are incapable of keeping their word, only that they will if they want to, and for no other reason. again, evil or otherwise.)
In my opinion, Lawful has nothing to do with laws. I feel the alignment lawful represents a person who organizes them self and behaves in a certain manner consistently. When they choose not to behave that way, they have a dang good reason for their change. This is opposite the chaotic who behaves more on a random whim and the neutral who has some basic guidelines but is flexible.

Thus, lawful is more about adherence to personal codes rather than adherence to laws per say. If the LE corporate head's personal code included keep your promises, he would do so. If it didn't he'd break it in a heartbeat.