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Also, something the mods have said about Campaign Journals is that this is a discussion forum-if your journal generates discussion, great! It's good to go.
If it doesn't generate discussion, and is just the journaler posting without any discussion being had, it's not appropriate for this forum, and better off as a blog or something.
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I recently started a 'Campaign Journal' thread in the Roleplaying Games section, to provide recaps to a RL group member that would be unable to attend for a time. However, as far as I am aware, I am the only member of this group to have an account here. This being the case, would it be acceptable for me to repeat post if no one else has a comment on it?

If this has been addressed, I didn't see the rule for it. Thanks for your time.
Sheriff: Not really, no. We have a rule against double posting, which exists to prevent a variety of ills. One of those is that if the topic is not of interest to other posters, we don't want one poster to just keep at it alone, piling post on post. This seems to apply with full force to a campaign journal as much as any other kind of thread. If no one is interested enough to comment on your post, it suggests perhaps additional updates aren't warranted. If this is just between you another person, perhaps a Private Message, email, or blog would serve better.

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