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    Quote Originally Posted by Metastachydium View Post
    Lenny "The Crushinator" Jackson?! How did he end up as a robot?!
    These things happen in the "Ultimate Fighting Organization". You get killed in one or two fights, and they download your consciousness into a robot farm-girl body.

    Page 26

    Roy: Nobody sees him? All I can see from here is robots killing each other.

    Haley: Not over here either.

    Belkar: Man, that Dalek is awesome! Ten to one he's among the final four!

    Professor Vaarsuvius: I'll take that bet, the Quality Robot and The Crushinator appear to have formed a team and... no, wait, they are fighting now. No, not fighting... They are... They... Eeeeeeeew! In public?

    Roy: We're looking for Dr. Durkon!

    Professor Vaarsuvius: No sighting from this vantage.

    Roy: Elan?

    Elan: I can't see him from here.

    Roy: Elan, you won't see him from the middle of the room!

    Elan: You wouldn't hold my hand!

    Roy: Alright, let's try to find a way down there. Haley, check that door on the far side of this island.

    Haley: I'm on it!

    Roy: Rocket Squadron, roll out!

    Narrator: Isn't that a trademark phrase from a robot series?

    Roy: Roll OutŠ!

    Narrator: Better. Thanks. Haley carefully opens the door and looks in. Meanwhile, in another part of the asteroid base...

    Page 27

    Dr. Durkon: My legs appear to be broken and I have no spares. And we're surrounded by robots who have been instructed to kill us.

    Dr. Hilgya: Dibs! I call dibs on this one!

    Dr. Durkon: What?

    Dr. Hilgya: *whispering* Follow my lead!

    Norman Android: This is not logical! Why are you calling dibs? All units coordinate.

    Dr. Hilgya: I'm calling dibs on killing this humanoid unit!

    Dr. Durkon: Oh, yeah, and I call dibs on killing that humanoid unit!
    *whispers* But we aren't really going to do it, right?

    Norman Android: It is not logical that two humanoid units would want to kill one another.

    Dr. Hilgya: I am half robot, so I must obey half the directive and kill half the humanoid!

    Dr. Durkon: I'm half robot too, so I only have to kill half a humanoid. She's the only one who qualifies.

    Norman Android: Your logic is impeccable. You are each half robot, so you are each compelled to kill half a humanoid. As you each are the only available targets for the other, it is understandable that you wish to declare one another as your specific target.

    Hilgya: You know, the order was to kill all intelligent beings, Right?

    Norman Android: Yes. If I could get up there I'd happily indulge...

    Dr. Hilgya: Robots are intelligent beings.

    Norman Android: That does not compute.

    Robby: Danger Norman Android! Danger!

    Dalek: Exterminate all robots! *Boringinging!*

    Norman Android: Aaaah! Your logic is impeccable! Bzzblrtbing!

    Dalek: Exterminate all robots!

    Dr. Hilgya and Dr. Durkon in unison: DIBS!
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