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    Page 27

    Dr. Durkon: Looks like those robots are destroying one another. I'm done for, but you can get free and rejoin your friends.

    Dr. Hilgya: Let me get you repaired so we can both get out of here. And, for the record, those guys weren't my friends. Nale hired me for something he called 'Narrative Symmetry.'

    Dr. Durkon: It's no use! I left my spare parts kit on my RocketPack™.

    Dr. Hilgya: No problem. I've got you covered. *Whiirrrrpbrbrbrbr, whiirp-da-da-da-dak*

    Dr. Durkon: You're SAE compatible!

    Dr. Hilgya: No school like Old School. Try your lumbar motor nexus.

    Dr: Durkon: Hey! My legs work! Dr. Hilgya, you are a Miracle Worker!

    Dr. Hilgya: I took four levels in Mechanic for the feat. Now let's get out of here before the Dalek runs out of targets.

    Dr. Durkon: I see a hatch over there. Let's go.

    Quality Robot: Hey, babe, I'm gonna go get some booze and flapjacks. See ya 'round!

    Dalek: Exterminate! Exterminate!

    Page 28

    Dr. Durkon: Okay, the door is locked, and we're all alone in this dark room. Oh, you turned your headlights on. That's a good idea. I'll turn mine on too.

    Dr. Hilgya: Interesting placement of your headlights. They are configured to automatically focus where your eyes focus, aren't they?

    Dr. Durkon: Why, yes. Very convenient. How can you tell?

    Dr. Hilgya: They've been focused on my chassis since you turned them on.

    Dr. Durkon: Oh, sorry. I was admiring good workmanship. Your exoskeleton is well crafted, combining form and function in an aesthetic and ergonomic configuration which maximizes performance. Your chest-mounted headlights, for example, extend from their aesthetically pleasing contoured housings to afford broad-beam floodlights which support team-members when illumination is desired.

    Dr. Hilgya: I bet you say that to all the Cyborg girls!

    Dr. Durkon: To be honest, I have not met many Cyborg girls. As a young cyborg I spent all of my time in study, and after I left our asteroid I became entangled in the affairs of our Hero, Roy Greenray.

    Dr. Hilgya: You know, I've been away from the homeland for a while too. Maybe we should find a corner to recharge our batteries in, and maybe talk a bit?

    Dr. Durkon: sounds like a grand idea.

    Dr. Hilgya: I just happen to have a picnic blanket and a 40 ounce bottle of Colt 45. No glasses.

    Dr. Durkon: That sounds like a grand idea.

    Dr. Hilgya: And maybe turn off our headlamps so we can recharge faster?

    Dr. Durkon: That sounds like a grand idea.

    Page 29

    Roy: Lock the door behind us, Haley.

    Haley: What about Dr. Durkon?

    Roy: If the robots can't climb the cliff, he won't be able to either. We'll have to find a way down to him.

    Elan: I wonder what made those robots go berserk and try to kill each other?

    Belkar: I wish I knew; it was awesome!

    Professor Vaarsuvius: Most, if not all, copyrighted robots have logical errors embedded in their electronic brains which result in a tendency to react with violent rampages when seemingly innocuous situations conflict with their core operational design. Robots are, at best, dangerously unreliable.

    Roy: Found the light switch. *click* Oh crap.

    Narrator: The Rocket Squadron stands in a long passageway lined on either side by mechanical men.

    Haley: Some of them might be women!

    Narrator: Uuh, no offense intended.

    Haley: Too late.

    Elan: They don't appear to be doing anything except creeping me out.

    Unknown Speaker: They are turned off.

    Belkar: Look out! A Moon Man!

    Haley: Moon Person!

    Belkar: *Kerchoom-choom!*

    Roy: Moon Child. Everyone calm down, he is unarmed. Kid, are you here to parley?

    Another Unknown Speaker: Here to Par-tay more like!

    Yet Another Unknown Speaker: Got any illicit beverages on you?

    Page 30

    Roy: What are you Moon Kids doing here?

    Elan: I got this, Roy. I speak fluent Teenager.
    'Whassup bruh? Yoyoyo! Elan up in da hizzy! What's makin' an' shakin' in da 'ood?

    Moonteen1: Is he on drugs? Or did his supply run out?

    Roy: I often wonder myself. Anyway, why are you kids here? Aren't your folks worried?

    Moonteen2: Our folks are only worried about image, they don't care about us.

    Moonteen3: Mine are always on my case. "Brush your teeth, eat all of your meteor, why don't you have as many piercings as your friends?"

    Moonteen2: Yeah. My dad was trying to get me to get another piercing just this morning. He said, "You need another hole in the head!" As if eleven aren't enough.

    Haley: *whispering* Roy, I think their parents are members of the Holy Brotherhood.

    Roy: *whispering* I think you're right.

    Professor Vaarsuvius: Tell me, do your parents have objects like this lying about?

    Moonteen1: A doily!

    Moonteen3: Where did you get that?

    Professor Vasrsuvius: I collect them. Don't judge me! Perhaps I can trade this one for some information?

    Moonteen2: *soft voice* So many holes!

    Moonteen3: What do you want to know?

    Professor Vasrsuvius: We just exited the chamber behind that hatch and we are searching for a corridor which leads to the bottom level of the pit. Our friend fell in and we wish to retrieve him.

    Moonteen3: Oh, yeah, we can do that. Right this way.

    Moonteen1: That pit is filled with broken robots. Don't talk to them. They're crazy.

    Elan: Ooooooo! A ramp up, and a ramp down! Roy! We need to take the ramp down!

    Moonteen3: Or we can take this elevator.

    Elan: A choice! Let's vote! I vote we take the ramp!

    Narrator: Moments later...

    Elan: Really? Nobody wanted to take the ramp?


    Majel Barrett's Voice: Four hundred thirty-first floor. Housewares, Hydroponics, and Robot Stables.
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