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    Page 31

    Moonteen1: This is the hatch that accesses the stables for copyrighted robots. No one is supposed to go in there.

    Haley: Because of the danger?

    Moonteen3: Shyeah! We don't want to be involved in any litigation with studio lawyers!

    Moonteen1: Yeah, a guy could go bankrupt winning a case against them.

    Roy: Then how do you know so much about them?

    Moontern3: We went in while the film crew was on break. Like the old guys used to say, "Pics or it never happened."

    Professor Vaarsivius: Wiser words were never said.

    Roy: Okay, let's go in carefully.

    Narrator: The Rocket Squadron opens the door and sees within... O dear divinities of ancient days! The carnage! The inhumanity! What kind of soul could commit such indescribable atrocities!

    Haley: Relax, dude. They're just robots. They were never alive, and they never had feelings or souls.

    R. Giskard Reventlov: Please tell Vasilia that I have always loved her. Mother! Oh, the anguish! I see a light! Father is there, waiting for

    Roy: Let's ignore the robots and just get this over with. Dr. Durkon is down here somewhere. I want to find him and get on with our mission.

    Moonteen3: What is your mission, anyway?

    Roy: Not much of importance. Professor Dorukon had blueprints for a telecommunicatior the size of a backpack.

    Haley: Yeah, that's it. Tiny communicator.

    Dalek: Exterm m m m m I n n n n ate...

    Roger Korby: Cover!

    Narrator: as the Squadron hides behind whatever they can find, an android figure leaps to disable the Dalek. The ensuing explosion vaporizes the robot version of the good Doctor as well as everything in a three meter radius, including the damaged Dalek.

    Haley: When did we go metric? I thought we were using Imperial units.

    Roy: The writers never got around to issuing a series bible. Just go with whatever.

    Moonteen1: At least the way is clear to look for your missing friend.

    Haley: I hate to say it, but that hatch is starting to open!

    Belkar: *Kachoomchoom!* Come to Daddy, whatever you are!

    Page 32

    Dr. Durkon: So, here we are. In the dark. Alone. Together. I mean, we are together, but nobody else is around.

    Dr. Hilgya: Don't worry, I won't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Dr. Durkon: I want to! I mean, I won't feel uncomfortable at all. Sitting. In the dark. Alone. With you.

    Dr. Hilgya: So, then, I'm guessing you've interfaced before?

    Dr. Durkon: What? I mean, yes, lots of times.

    Dr. Hilgya: Really?

    Dr. Durkon: No. I just... wanted to. A lot. I have tech manuals.

    Dr. Hilgya: Most boys do. But a real live interface? Tech manuals don't even come close. Here, let me show you.

    Dr. Durkon: That's my data port!

    Dr. Hilgya: Don't worry, I'll buffer my data so you can control the upload, download speed.

    Dr. Durkon: Whoa! That's a lot of data! Oh my, yes, give me more!

    Dr. Hilgya: Don't rush, take your time. We've got all night.

    Dr. Durkon: The algorithms repeat endlessly! I can process data all night!

    Dr. Hilgya: Hey! You're analog!

    Dr. Durkon: I have a digital emulator.

    Dr. Hilgya: It's not the same! You and I use different data architectures! We're not compatible! Your emulator is compiled on Basic!

    Dr. Durkon: I can get an upgrade!

    Dr. Hilgya: I thought you were different. Naive, inarticulate, and a bit of a bore, easily manipulated into working towards my goals! But you're... You're... obsolete!

    Dr. Durkon: I can change! I can be the doormat you want me to be!

    Dr. Hilgya: You're not worth my time. See ya 'round, chump.

    Dr Durkon: Ow! My port! Don't leave me, Hilgya! I need you! I love you! I can't find my interface port dust cap!

    *Mechanical steps grow more distant*

    Dr. Durkon: That still counts as interfacing!

    Page 33

    Dr. Durkon: I suppose I should try to find my friends. I need to brag to someone. Headlights on, now to follow my tracks back to the pit. Perhaps there is a way up.

    Dr. Durkon: Here's the hatch. Spin the wheel and...

    Belkar: Die! *Vwooomwoom!*

    Dr. Durkon: It's me! Careful with those laser-daggers! You could scratch someone!

    Roy: Dr. Durkon! I'm glad we found you! I was starting to worry that the robots might have ripped you limb from limb. In all this mess we'd never find you.

    Dr. Durkon: I'm glad to be back. Good to see you all made it. Roy, Haley, Professor Vaarsuvius, Belkar. So, who are the two new guys, and where is Elan?

    Narrator: since I am not in the least offended by being overlooked yet again, I will describe the shock on the faces of everyone.

    Narrator: They're shocked.

    Roy: There were three Moon Kids.

    Narrator: I can testify in court that I witnessed my hero grab a minor by its collar and shake it.

    Roy: Tell me where Elan is before I do something worthy of litigation!

    Moonteen1: I don't know! I swear!

    Moonteen3: We had orders to help you get to the throne room.

    Haley: Then the whole rogue teenager thing you tried to pull was b s?

    Moonteen3: I know it's hard for you older folks, but try to keep up.

    Roy: Somebody better start talking, and fast!

    Narrator: Tuneinnextweek whenwefinallylearnthefateofElan andhowviolentlyRoycanacttowardslittlechildren...

    Roy: Not you!

    Page 34

    Moonteen3: Look, we really don't know what happened to your friend or ours. I thought they were with us. It's like, not my job to keep track of everybody. I mean, I don't even have class levels yet!

    Roy: That... is actually a good point.

    Belkar: Let me rip out its spleen and make the other one watch!

    Roy: Belkar! We do not torture children for information!

    Belkar: Information? Yeah, let's go with that.

    Haley: Where would we even start looking for them?

    Moonteen1: The Chamber Of The Abomination?

    Roy: The what?

    Moonteen: It is where we were told to lead you. If Arvi is as bloodthirsty as we think, he'll be going there. To feed your friend to the Technomancer.

    Dr. Durkon: Seems logical.

    Roy: I guess it is a good place to start, but we need a plan. We don't want to walk into a room full of Moonfolk and say, "Take us to your leader."

    Dr. Durkon: And yet, somehow, I feel that is exactly what we will do.

    Narrator: Meanwhile, in another part of the dungeon...
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