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    Default Re: Is there a way to save / download old threads?

    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post
    Two options that I am aware of:
    1) Thread Tools->Show printable version. Downside: spoilers won't expand
    2) Grab it from the archive (see this recent thread where I went into the details). Downside: it breaks quotes.

    Alternatively, you can just print the website page to pdf, which should retain both spoilers and quotes, but has to be done one page at a time.

    Grey Wolf
    Alright, i have the archive open, not seeing any way to save it though? do i need to do the "save to pdf" thing?

    Edit: Couldn't find anything, so doing the "Save to PDF" thing. loosing out on a little bit, rolls and the like, but it's not too bad. thanks!
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