In an unexpected development, the game I've been super addicted to for the past week is Remnant: From the Ashes. It's an all-time favorite game of a good friend, and I'd totally forgotten I'd gotten it as a free game on Epic... We've been playing the entire campaign co-op for hours at a time. A quick summary of the game concept: Imagine a guns-based Soulslike set in the RIFTS tabletop game and designed to be fully co-op. With some roguelike elements.

If you can't actually imagine that, join the club.

Remnant's got an insane amount of replay value, thanks to also having roguelike elements. On any particular playthrough, you're likely to only encounter half of the possible zones that can appear in each world... and to add to that, most bosses can be defeated two different ways, and drop unique rewards for each method. Rerolling the adventures after you've beaten them and seeing what comes up the next time gets addictive.

I happen to have played Remnant 2 long before I tried the original, and just about all of the cool, unique features turned out to also be there in the original. I never imagined a game where you'd find entire skill trees as gameplay rewards until I saw it in action.

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I'm on-board if there's a Destiny 3 in the pipeline, but just like WoW, it needs a good reset to be turned back into a coherent experience.
One thing that drives me nuts about D2 is that it repeated the worst design mistake I've ever seen an MMO make: Guild Wars 2's early days had the largest and fastest storyline updates in MMO history... however, back during its first season, those would only be active for a couple of months before being removed for the next plot development. So you could only see the quests that introduced the characters who were central members of the supporting cast for years if you were playing during a specific month ten years ago. (Worst of all, we got the coolest World Boss fight in the game's history as part of the Season 1 story, then the Twisted Marionette fight was removed after that section of story was done and not brought back for 7+ years...)

Destiny 2 removing entire expansion zones and storylines is much worse than that, and then top that off with each expac's seasonal content being removed when the next expac comes along... I've been there since the entire main story was accessible, but for anyone who wasn't, I can't even imagine how little sense it all makes now.