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    Default Re: What Are You Playing 10: Ten Builds, Zero Progress

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynjin View Post
    However, doing so in ELEVEN MONTHS is complete insanity. It doesn't matter if you're making the same game in a new engine, implementation takes time. You're essentially remaking the game from scratch. So this is not a relaunch, this is a SECOND BETA for a DIFFERENT GAME.
    Yeah, that's about what I thought from what I'd heard before. Considering the game had, IIRC, already fallen on hard times before it went away, doing that instead of focusing on making it better with that year seems... ill-advised, let's say.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyOfOptimists View Post
    [...]shoddy netcode[...]
    The netcode is one thing I recall always seeming quite good in Multiversus? It was honestly fairly impressive, given no other platform fighter ran that well online at that point*. Although I did only play the game 1v1; I could see 2v2 (and FFA) being harder to make run well. Making fighting games run well online has taken a long time even just connecting two people at a time, much less four.

    *Well, that I've played, anyway, there's some indie ones out there that I haven't.
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