Only bad free to plays are that way. That is mobile gatcha game tier FOMO baiting.

I play a lot of F2P games. Usually there's like two ongoing events at a time. Usually for recent games it's the Battlepass (long term, like 60-90 days) and then a cycling seasonal event that lasts between two weeks to a month.

In the 2 weeks since launch, Multiversus launched with: a Batlepass, a login event, the horrible Rifts grinding event to unlock Agent Smith (still impossible to complete).

And then they've launched like 4 other short-term events that last a few days tgo a week and overlap in weird ways and nobody knows when they start or end and they all just require you to grind to complete and at the end of the day they give NOTHING worthwhile. I ignore anything that doesn't say "Fighter Currency" on it because that's the main thing they're stingy with and it is the only currency actually worth a damn.

If I wanted to grind for cosmetics I'd go play a game that respected my time better lol.