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    Quote Originally Posted by Zevox View Post
    Hm, well, "teleporting around the screen" is what it will look like when you've got a particularly bad connection with rollback netcode. Could be it was, at least in part, suffering from the significant decline in player base making it harder to match people with others who have good connections. Though I really don't know what could be up with the jumping thing; sounds less like netcode and more like some kind of bug to me at first glance, but obviously I can't say for sure.
    There's a good chance it was bugs. They had to do a major rework on hitboxes in the game, as when it first launched every character was using a mostly static capsule that fit around their standing model. It worked... okay, until you had characters like Superman using his move that turns him completely horizontal. Then it certainly looked like your fists were clipping into his head, but his hitbox was still a ways back.

    Now, hitboxes really shouldn't have much impact on netcode, but I've worked in game dev enough (and software even longer) to know that reworking a core system that late is going to be a hacked together mess. I'd buy that it taxed the hell out of the netcode somehow. Multiversus had way more players than most every other fighting game even in its declining weeks when the netcode issues started, so I don't think it was connection related. It seemed to be an ongoing problem they were aware of, since they mentioned it in several patches.

    The worst part of this relaunch is that there is a genuinely good platform fighter somewhere in Multiversus. It has some very creative characters, the gameplay has some rough edges but is fun when it gets going, and I think slowing the game down a bit was a good call. WB is doing their all to strangle it in the crib, though.
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