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    Default Re: What Are You Playing 10: Ten Builds, Zero Progress

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynjin View Post
    I play a lot of F2P games. Usually there's like two ongoing events at a time. Usually for recent games it's the Battlepass
    Speaking of F2P games and Battlepasses...

    I have a friend group that insists on playing Fortnite. It's a terrible solo experience, but a very fun "wacky shenanigans" game if you have good fun-first group dynamics. Playing with people who are trying to win is an exercise in insanity tho.

    The current season is all vehicle-themed, so everyone is constantly driving around the map and blowing things up and crashing through buildings and into other teams. Enemy players can get into your car without you noticing. Some of the best and most chaotic play I've experienced on this game. Good, clean, stupid fun.
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