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    Default Re: What Are You Playing 10: Ten Builds, Zero Progress

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynjin View Post
    I've heard people are super mixed on the current season of Fortnite. It sounds a bit like the "no build" season where big fans of Fortnite hated it but newcomers loved it.
    That certainly makes sense to me. I think the focus on powerful cars this season has made it more chaotic and lowered the skill floor, meaning people can last longer if they just get in a car and drive around, blowing things up. It's hard to catch up and stop them if they're committed to surviving.

    Personally I'm not complaining. In my experience Fortnite has had a real problem with matching skill levels: you know how playing tennis against someone much better than you is basically not even a game, just a slaughter? That's how it feels when you go up against someone in Fortnite who REALLY knows what they're doing. I'm okay dying half the time (okay, that's not true, but I'd settle for 1/3 of the time), but frequently you'll ask yourself "what is this person DOING in this lobby?" based on their insane skill level.

    The "No Build" thing was the same, yeah. My group switched to no build and never looked back. Most of the playerbase did the same: I think No Build is played at a 3:1 ratio to Build these days. The people who are good at building are seriously on another plane of existence, and it's not fun to fight them. People want to have fun playing games so it's not surprising that the building meta is driving people away.
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