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    Required Elements
    1. Library Description - Fayrell's Estate (Post #2)
    2. A Non-Magical Text - "The Words And Deeds Of Fayrell The Maginificent" (Post #4)
    3. A Magical Text - "Tabula Encyclopedia" (Post #4)
    4. An Epic Text - "Mastering The Art Of Sound" (Post #4)
    5. An Artifact Text - "Roster Of The Legends" (Post #4)
    6. An Item - Fayrell's Lute (Post #5)
    7. A Guardian - Fayrell's Ghost (Post #3)
    8. Other #1 - Portrait of Fayrell (Post #5)
    9. Other #2 - Memory Box (Post #5)

    The Theme

    The entire library (including its contents) is designed to allow for the discovery of the lost legend of Evelyne Fayrell and to give the players the opportunity to put her spirit to rest. Each item is intended to either act as a reflection of her obsession with fame (driven by the effects of the artifact "Roster Of The Legends") or as an insight into her personal history... in several cases, the item shows both.

    The key item, of course, is the artifact, which not only was a major factor in Fayrell's success, but it also unhealthily heightened her desire for fame, causing her to 1) exaggerate and embellish the truth in her book ("The Words And Deeds..."), 2) ignore a powerful magic item ("Mastering The Art Of Sound") in order to work on said book, 3) take credit for things she didn't even do ("The Words And Deeds...", Fayrell's Lute), and 4) most importantly, carry on existing as a ghost until her fame can be properly established once and for all.

    Someone who does take the time to re-establish the legend of Fayrell will have all of the material necessary to do so. The combination of her book ("The Words And Deeds..."), a significant item from her life and time (Fayrell's Lute), her portrait (Portrait Of Fayrell), and her saved personal effects (Memory Box) make for an excellent historical record. Using the materials other than the book, plus the stone tablet ("Tabula Encyclopedia"), a diligent researcher could separate out the true story from the embellishments and inventions, and establish a more objective history of Evelyne Fayrell, which would still be enough to satisfy her spirit.

    Text Conventions

    Text in this form is for contest-specific notes only.

    Text in this form is descriptive and background information; this is not to be disseminated to the players as is, but is intended to provide background information for the DM, who can then decide how to use that information to answer player questions, respond to player actions, and determine appropriate NPC reactions.

    Text presented in this form is intended to be read to the players verbatim at the appropriate time.
    Text in "spoiler" blocks include specific game mechanics, such as item properties, specific creatures, feat descriptions, etc. Text quoted from an OGL-licensed source, if any, will appear in this font and carry with it a citation of the source. All original text inside "spoiler" blocks is free to use under the OGL.


    Evelyne Fayrell, an epic-level bard, perished over 800 years ago due to the effects of a volcanic eruption near her estate. Most of the estate was completely ruined -- the initial earthquake rumbles caused much structural damage and started fires; but the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, was the immense amount of ash that fell on the estate and the surrounding area, covering it up and making it all inaccessible.

    By a remarkable set of coincidences, one part of the estate survived relatively unscathed: Fayrell's conservatory and library. The fires on the level above sucked all of the oxygen out of the air, and between the collapsing structure and the layers of ash, the library has existed, for all this time, in a vacuum, perfectly preserving its contents.

    Fayrell herself, let alone her estate, has been completely forgotten (Knowledge check against DC 30 to know anything; Bardic Knowledge checks get a +5 bonus to the roll) -- how the estate may be found, and under what circumstances, is left to the DM's imagination. Some minor digging or mining will be necessary to open the library chamber, at which point a heavy inrush of air will be noted.

    Once inside, the key artifacts in Fayrell's life will be found, along with a restless spirit who will be quite eager for, and yet likely to be annoyed with, the company...
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