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    Great idea, in fact this is similar to a monster, but difference enough that you can't be sued. That monster is the Flood from Halo, the plant type, the spreaders, the seeders, the taking over dead bodies, its all similar, but then again, this has been a common theme since the beginning of fictional story-telling. The theme of (Oh noes the ________ will take over our dead bodies, and turn them into __________'s) has been going on for quite a while, but I'm pretty sure the plant version, especially yours has ever been done by the Wizards or anyone else, and I myself have been thinking about stating out something like this with a hive mind, and the ability to add to its ranks. I do have a thought though, maybe you could allow the Spore thing to give later on Fortitude saves, since at level 1, most PC's are going to fail the reflex save, and then die unless they have a Cleric/Druid who just happened to prepare Slow poison that day (Which isn't likely), or they meet someone with a few ranks in heal, cause at level 1, even a Cleric with 4 ranks in heal is maxed out, and can't even help the dying comrade half the time. Tossing something with 2 HD, and d8's none the less is dangerous when dealing with a 1st level party. Maybe consider raising the CR to at least 2, if not three then considering the special abilities as well?
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