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    This idea comes from another forum, which also has a very consistent style of avatars. First of all the purpose of this treat is fun, and perhaps a bit to keep your skills in shape. Now what do you do? The idea is simple, you draw a short comic about you fighting some person above. You do what? For instance person X has drawn himself boasting to be the best fighter and ready to take on anybody. I would then for instance draw my avatar saying ďone over confident fighter, one mwha ha haĒ and the fighter getting hit by lightning.* somebody else could then dray his avatar attacking my avatar. You donít have to attack the first person above you, this is because often one on one battles evolve and you donít want to get in between, just issue a general challenge and the fight will come to you. Most of the time it would be nice to draw in oots style, since, well, this is the oots board. But some frames with chiby style puppy eyes, manga syle exclamations. Or just a really cool drawing of the battle but not oots style is all fair game, just try to keep the mainstream oots.

    Now, let the fight begin!

    *for those who donít get this, itís a reference to a sesamstreet character which my avatar represents, he always counts, then laughs and then lighting strikes.
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