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Thread: Break Enchantment against Freeblemind

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    I would say that Break Enchantment works. The thing is, Break Enchantment specifically says it can dispel any instant-duration spell of fifth-level or lower that Dispel Magic can't. My take on this is that they added Break Enchantment late in the development cycle, and were worried they might forget to add it to every single spell it could effect, so they just described a "trigger condition" under which it can break your spell. If a spell meets that condition, it's as good as having break enchantment on the list of things that can break it... and, sure enough, they forgot to list it on Feeblemind.

    On top of that, note the bizarre wording on Feeblemind itself. Most spells say something like, specifically "X, Y, and Z cannot break this spell. Only a Wish, Limited Wish, or similar magic can yadda yadda." The omission of that text from Feeblemind strongly suggests that Break Enchantment works.

    (Yes, it says that they 'remain in this state until...' But that clause is part of the Feeblemind, which is broken by Break Enchantment. Permanency says that it makes a spell 'permanent', but that doesn't stop you from dispelling it... listing an indefinite or infinite duration in a spell's text does not make it immune to any of the usual fixes, since that 'remain in this state until...' conditional duration is gone once a Break Enchantment hits home.)
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