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To me, it seems pretty cut & dry. Feeblemind lists the spells that can be used to restore the victim's mind, including the fairly-easy-to-come-by heal.

If I were to list the currencies accepted by my company as english pounds, american dollars and euros, would it be reasonable for someone to insist they can pay with brazilian reals as I don't say specifically that it can't be used?

When a of acceptable list is given, and doesn't include vague disclaimers are addendums like "and similar spells/effects", then that seems veery well defined to me. It's not like they're from separate splatbooks and the interaction between the two has never been considered, they're both from the PHB.
heal still requires your caster to be lvl 9, while an encounter at lvl 7 can cast it on you. So a wizard should go through 2 lvls doing nothing?