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Thread: Break Enchantment against Freeblemind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Simth View Post
    Break Enchantment can specifically undo Instant Spells.
    Fair enough, I have not read the Break Enchantment description since I don't activly play D&D, I just like to read about it.
    But to me, if a magical effect has no duration (instant) in such a way that it wont be supressed in an anti-magic field the brains are physically scrambled as opposed to just jammed. The magic came, did the damage and dissapated leaving the victim with a broken brain and no magic to keep the feeblemind effect active.
    Now if the duration was "permanent" meaning that the magic stays and continously keep a stupifying enchantment on the victim, sure. Antimagic field would supress it (not dispel) and Break Enchantment would make sense.

    With no magic to be broken by Break Enchantment how does it work ?
    Restoration magic would make much more sense to me, but it is problebly a level thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThorFluff View Post
    heal still requires your caster to be lvl 9, while an encounter at lvl 7 can cast it on you. So a wizard should go through 2 lvls doing nothing?
    Except drool ofcourse :)
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