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    Hooray! The seventh vote! Thank you all, for your votes and your critiquing.

    Oh, and by the way Matthew, no I forgot to look into those mechanics issues, but I'll start right now.

    And Lord Iames Osari, I can understand why you might make them vulnerable to critical hits because of the soul gem, but if you do, I would think that you should make it harder to confirm a hit somehow, since they only have a single weak spot.

    Edit: Ok, I looked back over it and I think I worked out some of the minor bugs in the stats. The issue with the hit points is simply because of my preference. In the RAW, it says that the hit points equal a roll of 5.5 for each d10, and I never understood that, so I just used 5 for a d10 roll. So technically, it should be 31 hp by RAW, which I changed it to. And about the skill points and saves issue, I believe those were minor errors caused by me converting it to the monster format from the race format (because that's what it was when I originally statted it up). So, yeah, there you have it, after a little bit of tweaking.
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