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    Oncoming Storm Discipline

    The Oncoming Storm discipline is a rogue, bastard martial discipline, created after the fall of the Temple of the Nine Swords. Its techniques derive from the underhanded skills of thieves, the masterful swordplay of swashbucklers, and the blinding speed of assassins, all brought together into a single martial discipline by rogue martial adepts after the fall of the Temple. It relies on blinding speed and masterful misdirection. Its signature techniques involve striking a foe with such speed that they do not even realize the full impact of the blow. The Oncoming Storm discipline’s associated skill is Sleight of Hand, as it relies on speed and skill of hand to defeat its foes. The associated weapons of the Oncoming Storm discipline are the dagger, handaxe, light pick, rapier, sai, and shortsword.

    Because the Oncoming Storm discipline was never taught widely at the Temple of the Nine Swords or any similar center of training, most martial adepts do not know any maneuvers from it, or even know it exists. Only Swordsages and Warblades can learn maneuvers from the Oncoming Storm discipline. There are two ways to master the discipline. The first is to have been trained in it. If you choose to make a martial adept that has already been trained in the Oncoming Storm discipline, you simply replace one discipline that adept could normally learn maneuvers from with the Oncoming Storm discipline. He loses the associated skill of the replaced discipline as a class skill, but gains Sleight of Hand as a class skill.

    The other way is to seek out a master of the Oncoming Storm–a martial adept capable of using at least 5th-level maneuvers from the discipline–and training under him. You must train for a month under the master, and spend 1,000 xp at the end of your training. You gain the ability to learn maneuvers from the Oncoming Storm discipline, and add Sleight of Hand to your martial adept class’s list of class skills. In addition, you may exchange your maneuvers known for maneuvers of the Oncoming Storm discipline. You may exchange one maneuver of each level, and the new maneuvers you learn must be of the same level as the exchanged maneuvers, unlike normal.
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