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Thread: Beware the Oncoming Storm [Discipline]

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    Oncoming Storm Expertise
    You can sacrifice power to improve the accuracy of your attacks.
    Requirements: Dex 13, one Oncoming Storm maneuver
    Benefit: Whenever you make an attack, you may choose to gain a bonus of up to your base attack bonus on the attack roll. If you do, however, you subtract twice the amount you added from the damage roll.
    Special: Oncoming Storm Expertise may be used in place of the Combat Expertise feat to qualify for feats, prestige classes, and other special abilities. If you already have the Combat Expertise feat when you gain this feat, you may choose to exchange it for another feat in its place. You must meet the prerequisite for the new feat.

    Storm Ambush
    You can sneak attack your enemies with blinding speed, striking so fast they don't realize you've hit them.
    Requirements: Sneak Attack +1d6 or Sudden Strike +1d6, one Oncoming Storm strike
    Benefit: Whenever you would deal sneak attack or sudden strike damage to an enemy, you may choose to forgo as many d6's of damage as you want. For every d6 of damage forgone this way, that enemy takes 1d8 damage in the next round.

    Sturmundrang [Tactical]
    You have mastered the underhanded tactics favored by disciples of the Oncoming Storm school.
    Requirements: Oncoming Storm Expertise, Sleight of Hand 9 ranks, two Oncoming Storm maneuvers
    Benefit: The Sturmundrang feat allows the use of three tactical options:

    Blade Flourish: To use this option, you must first flourish your weapon at one enemy within 30 ft. of you, a standard action, making a Sleight of Hand check opposed by that enemy's Sense Motive check, although they may add their base attack bonus to the check. If your Sleight of Hand check succeeds, then you gain a +4 circumstance bonus on any rolls you make to feint, disarm, or trip that enemy in the next round.

    Expert Slash: To use this option, you must, as a full-round action, make a single melee attack, adding at least a +5 bonus to the attack roll with the Oncoming Storm Expertise feat. If the attack is successful, then you may immediately make either a disarm or trip attempt against the attacked creature as a swift action. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for doing so.

    Focused Retribution: To use this option, you must first choose not to make an attack of opportunity against an enemy that provokes one from you. If you do, then you gain a +5 bonus on any melee attack and damage rolls you make against that enemy in the following round. If you choose not to make an attack of opportunity to use this option, it still counts as your attack of opportunity for the round.
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