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    Once upon a time, I made a Protoss Dark Templar avatar. I work best when I have a large source image to shamelessly copy reference, so I traversed across the internets and the best thing I could find was this half-naked guy. So I went with it. And it sucked. But now, with the advent of Starcraft II, I instead get this big ol' armored guy that looks like he came out of World of Warcraft, and so I get to make a new, improved, fancier avatar.

    Unfortunately, he was so awesome that he exceeded 120x120 pixels. So if you want to use him as an avatar, I've got two versions here:
    Currently being used by: No one.
    Currently being used by:mf11

    Or you could resize 'im yourself.

    While I'm at it, here are two miscellaneous avatars that I've made that I believe are still not in use:
    Eva Knyghtebane(see 8-bit theater) Currently being used by: No one
    Some guy with swords Currently being used by: No one
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