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You are all screwed.
Yes, yes we are.

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Bards shine when you have this many people
Yeah, we've touched on that. We have a dragon shaman, who gives a bonus to everyone within 30 feet. We're going to have him keep the "Senses" aura running (a class based bonus to initiative, currently +2 for him) at the start of the battle to tip the initiative rolls in our favor, and then have him switch to damage reduction. If things start looking grim, the fast healing (which only works up to half your hitpoint total) aura goes up.

A marshal or two in the army might be good. If we have a villager or two with 14 CHA, a +2 bonus to something and a +1 bonus to something else (for the class) wouldn't be a bad way to go. Bard falls into the same category of course.

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Second, d'you have summon spells? They'll be vital in battle.
I think our wizard knows some actually, but i don't have his spell list. I'll bring it up.

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Third, if you wanna get some use from the person with high INT and a +1 rapier, I THINK warmage used INT. If it doesn't, search for a batsorc like class, rapido!
Actually, we're talking about making her a swashbuckler. I think our DM figured we'd try to make her a wizard or something like that, but a 2nd level wizard isn't going to be a whole lot of good for us. She'll run out of spells real fast, only have 1st level spells, and why be excited about 16 INT if all it means is a bonus to some save DCs for spells we can barely use?
Wizard makes sense for a player character, but in this one-time situation? If she's a swashbuckler, she can finesse her weapon, add her int to damage, and have some bonus AC

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Fourth,, if you can cast "greater/normal magic weapon", now is the time to use it and give a few super arrows to the archers.
We can cast that for sure, but certainly not enough times to give it to many people.

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This ISN'T going to end well.

PS: Actually, it might end well. Find a way to guide the zombhus against the Kythons. Weaker Kythons and less zombies is good.
We've talked about that. We can't come up with a good way to make them fight. The kythons will likely shred them if they get in the way, the ONLY good thing might be kythons clearing out undead so we don't have to.

Luckily, zombies = undead, and kythons = abberations. So our Archivist will be able to get us some handy bonuses against both of them with dark knowledge checks.