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Your DM wants you to flee. I won't tell you all a Slaymaster can do, but it's CR 11, and a single Kython adult is CR 5. With next to no weaponry, only up to level 3 spells, you're SOL.
Yeah, we know the challenge ratings

The thing is, we're a 6 person group instead of 4, which gives us a little bit of an edge, and we're getting a small army of second level 'whatever we wants'. Not that a bunch of second level mooks are likely to decimate a slaymaster, but it's not 4 on 1, it's 53 on "question mark".

I don't know a ton about challenge ratings, but our DM has a habit of twisting things up or down in various directions anyway, so the chllenge rating in the book likely means less than what we can come up with.

We are still screwed, i'm just saying, we're screwed for different reasons

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I'm not sure if nuking them with fireballs is that great of an idea.
Elemental spells aren't going to be much help against kythons. Immune to cold and acid entirely, and resistant to fire and electricity.