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Train them as rogue 1 (skillz)/warlocks with eldritch spear, and preferably with initiative boosting feats, and probably weapon focus as well. You can then find a narrow pass, and pull a '300' on mooks and kythons - use concentrated sneak-attacking eldritch blasts at 200ft to keep the enemy at arm's length, and just keep firing. A bard 1/marshal 1 along with a marshal 2 with the steady hand (+1 to ranged) and motivate dexterity (+cha to dexterity based checks, including initiative) auras will also do wonders for your cause, as you can boost your attack rolls quite a bit.

Goodness knows how you'll fluff this one out, though.
Sneak Attacks must be from within 30 ft.

The best bet is, as mentioned, make a Marshal or a few for the +Cha to Initiative and what not; make a few clerics too, for spontaneous healing and buffing. But, as a fail-safe, back everyone into the basement with only a single entrance and make a stand there. Ranged behind a wall of meleers; that should hopefully thin numbers down enough. Also, use AoE spells like Chain Lightning with the Wizard to anyone in the way and Magic Missile for Force Damage on any improvised Wizards. Scrolls of Chain Lightning are a good idea; or battle field control spells for minor wizards to cast.