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I'm just worried about the future. Warlocks are infinite reuse, but the wands aren't. There are still going to be undead around after the Kythons, so you'll need long-lasting support.

Oh dear. I just realised something. Kythons are aberrations, not outsiders.

They'll get back up as undead after you kill them!
Yeah, we counted on that. But really, the undead I'm less worried about. A cleric, an archivist, and a paladin in the party (plus a dragon shaman and a wizard, and a rogue (with no sneak, but a crossbow)).
These are mook undeads. They're everywhere, but they're zombies, weak skeletons, and freaky (but weak) ghost creatures. If we stay tight, watch each others backs, heal a little, and drop a few positive-energy bombs from the cleric, we should be able to handle them. It's the villagers who need to fall back and let us tackle the walking corpses.

When the kythons rise, they're going to be rising as zombies. Zombie kythons, but zombies still. We'll spank them with the same strategy that's kept us alive so far.

It just means we've got to stay on our toes ,even in between waves of the real threat