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You could hide everybody away and then let the undead in.
It's worth a thought. It's a heavy horror campaign, so our DM would definately respect the 'Oh crap, we hide like cats under the bed' option. That said, a ticked off slaymaster is a scary wild card when you're hiding. Plus, kythons have blindsense, so we'd better be REALLY freaking hiding.

Also, I didn't mention this in the thread ,but it's become relevant. It's winter. And snowy. Undead won't leave the same tracks as living (shambling tends to be different from stepping).
We might still be able to hide, but this is D&D. Where rangers can tell what you had for breakfast three weeks ago by the pattern of your footprints on smooth rock, if they're good enough.

So hiding, when there's big snowy neon signs pointing to everywhere we go, makes me nervous. I'm not saying it COULDN'T work, but it's definately not my favorite plan A.

The warlock idea isn't bad, at the bare minimum it's unlimited eldritch blasts. WOULD be akward for the commoners though.
"So, uh, farmer?"
"You're part devil?"
"Yeah, don't come to poker nights anymore. Nothing personal."