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    Warlocks seem to be the class of choice for most of the villagers. Give them an Eldritch Spear and they will be able to take out the smaller ones before they close on you. I don't think, villagers trained in Melee Combat could hold their own. So far it looks like:

    - Block all paths to the village, when not possible make them as narrow and obstructed as possible. (edit: Spiked Pits, Spears, Caltrops, whatever you can produce)
    - Train the elder villagers in being clerics. Their major duties can be healing and/or turning undead.
    - Train a LOT of Warlocks with the Eldritch Spear ability.
    - Train a small contigent of Wizards with Battlefield Control. There must be some spells to slow them down, should they advance too far. Colour Spray could work. Or Grease. They only need to buy the Warlocks more time.
    - Everyone who doesn't want or is unable to participate in this, should go to the roofs and start sniping away.
    - Take ~4 of the town's strongest and give them the best fortification you have. Have them take the literal role of Meat Shield in front of the Warlock Army. Have a bit more of them than you need, so they can take turns in being healed by the Elderly.

    - Sit back and pray.
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