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    Yes, it's a 2001 reference.

    Hmm...can someone correct my math here? I'm trying to compare the 100 roll from HAL & DAVE when making Acid in terms of Weekly progress (In SP) compared to Daily (In CP). It should be a tenth of the speed, but the progress allows them to make a single vial of acid in 3/20 the time (25-1/5 hours, or a little over 1 day), but when I compare the CP it jumps to 1-1/2 days.
    Weekly progress : 15x100 silver, or 1500 silver progress per week. That's 150 gold, which gives you 15 acid vials in a week.

    Daily progress : 15x100 CP, or 1500 copper. That's 15 gold, which gives you 1.5 acid vials per day.

    Of course, if you "voluntarily raise" the craft DC for acid up by 10 several times, you get : 95x100, for either 95 acid per week, or 9.5 acid per day.
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