Giant in the Playground Folding Team Update #10

In team news this week:
3 new members have joined our team for this update - JT-GitP, MacXimus and Morrinn - Welcome to the team!

Team member point contributions:
Who has contributed to the team points for this update? Here is the list (in alphabetic order):
_Simius_, adanedhel9, Alarra, Alizhdheg, Amazon, Beaudoin, Bitzeralisis, Bobnik, e_chuck, Elektro, frdougal, gaelbert, Jackie, JT-GitP, Krursk, MacXimus, MaxDibe, menschenfresser, Micate, Mobius_Stripped, Morrinn, Nemglan, Phoe, rward30, Samiam303, StupidFatHobbit, The_Mighty_Unknown, zargon, ZebTheTroll and ZombieRockStar.
With the top 10 members in points gained since the last update being:
1 frdougal
2 Alizhdheg
3 Micate
4 Elektro
5 Mobius_Stripped
6 ZebTheTroll
7 rward30
8 gaelbert
9 The_Mighty_Unknown
10 StupidFatHobbit

Moving up in team ranks (in the top 20):
In the top 10: Lots of moves for this update! Mobius_Stripped has moved up to take the #3 spot! ZebTheTroll has moved up into 4th! gaelbert has moved up into 5th! zargon has moved up by 2 and into 8th! And Phoe has also moved up 2 and into the top 10 in 9th!
In the top 20: Alarra moves up into 12th! Micate has jumped up by 5 into 13th! Elektro has moved up 2 into 15th! And new in the top 20 is StupidFatHobbit that has jumped up by 4 into 19th and e_chuck that has moved up 5 into 20th!

Individual Milestones achieved (in points at 1K, 5K, 10K, etc.):
20,000 points: frdougal
10,000 points: Mobius_Stripped, ZebTheTroll, gaelbert and rward30
5,000 points: Elektro and Micate
1,000 points: ZombieRockStar, menschenfresser, The_Mighty_Unknown, Morrinn and MacXimus
Congratulations to all those that have achieved a new milestone!