I was thinking of naming my world Karnith, It would be known to the Orcs of Gilgrol as as Gorgum. The Gilgrol orcs are somewhat like humanity usually is, they are diverse and different, even though they share similar qualities, and they are the youngest race as of yet. Noone knows truly where they came from, but noone has looked that far into it. Humans in this world are like elves usually are, ancient and enigmatic with long lives, though not as long as elven lives are traditionally. Elves spend all their times in the forests, commuting with nature and becoming one with the forest, they are the sentinels and the guards of the forest, and rarely do they venture forth from them. Dwarves tend to stay underground, interfering as little as possible with the goings on of the upper-world, they often live with Gnomes and Halflings, sharing space and resources. Kobolds likewise stay below ground as much as possible, usually lower than dwarves and their kin, rejecting them for the abuse and scorn they usually receive from them. Kobolds can be found closer to the surface however, in the homes of Dragons and the allies of dragons.

thats all i have so far, whatcha think?