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    Hastur, the King in Yellow
    A malevolent Great Old One, Hastur was once a mere mortal, but he was empowered by the Outer Gods, transforming him into the unspeakable King in Yellow.

    Vestige Level: 4th
    Binding DC: 22

    Hastur was once a simple mortal priest of the Outer Gods, but he was empowered by their envoy, Nyarlathotep, in return for his service to them. In the strange and often alien world of the Dreamlands, he is the King in Yellow, lord of the land of dim Carcosa, where he is seated upon the Nightmare Throne. He leads the cult of the Yellow Sign, and is known to them as the High Priest Not to Be Described. His name bears a vile power, and he can be summoned simply by speaking it.

    Hastur uses mortal Binders often as servants. His various cults often call on his strength, and he takes great pleasure in allowing foolish mortals who recite his name to take on his power, knowing the ruin it will lead them to.

    Special Rules for Binding
    There are two ways that a mortal can bind to Hastur. The first is to do so normally, in which case it functions just like a normal pact. However, the more dangerous method is to simply recite his name three times. Doing so is dangerous, but has advantages–chanting his name is a free action, and one not need to be able to bind 4th level vestiges, or even to have a Binder level at all, to do so. However, binding to Hastur in this way is always a bad pact, and cannot be voluntarily ended by the Binder–only at Hastur’s will does the pact end. However, knowledge of this is highly esoteric, contained within only a few tomes of forbidden binding lore. Knowing Hastur’s name itself requires a DC 20 Knowledge (Arcana) checks for anyone who cannot bind 4th level vestiges or higher, and knowing that he can be bound by saying his name requires a DC 25 Knowledge (Arcana) check.

    Hastur manifests within his seal as a floating yellow mask, marked with the eldritch Yellow Sign.

    Those bound to Hastur have the Yellow Sign appear, like a tattoo, on their brow.

    Those bound to Hastur become hedonistic and perverse, taking delight in decadence and aestheticism. In addition, those who bind to him by the recitation of his name risk falling under the direct control of Hastur–he may manipulate them, as if they were dominated, as he pleases, with no chance for saves or spell resistance.

    Granted Abilities
    Hastur grants those who bind to him the power to corrupt both the mind and flesh of mortals.

    Pallid Mask (Su)
    You can take on the visage of Hastur himself, a loathsome mask that inspires fear in the hearts of all who see it. As a standard action, you can evoke the Pallid Mask of Hastur, causing all creatures within a 30 ft. of you that can see to become panicked for 1d6 rounds unless they make a Will save. Those that succeed on this save cannot be affected again by the pallid mask ability for as long as you remain bound to Hastur. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again until 5 rounds after the end of its duration.

    Touch of Carcosa (Su)
    You gain a touch attack that causes 1d10 damage plus your binder level. For every 5 points of damage this touch attack deals, you gain a point of temporary hp, that lasts for as long as you remain bound to Hastur.

    Yellow Sign (Su)
    You can channeling maddening energies from the mark of the Yellow Sign on your brow to torment the minds of your foes. As a standard action, you may release a burst of yellow light from your brow. All other creatures within 30 ft. of you that can see must make a Will save or be confused for 1 round. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds. You cannot use this ability if you do not display Hastur’s sign.
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