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I don't know much about Binders and Vestiges, and I'm not especially familiar with the Mythos. But if I understand correctly shouldn't anything channeling things of this level break in some gruesome fashion? Insanity at a minimum, if not having their body blow up, and then mysteriously devoured by something no one can see?

Though I suppose "creative license" works.
Well, I didn't want to have it be impossible for PC's to use them. Some of them do have a pretty high price to pay - Yog-Sothoth will run you out of Wisdom pretty fast, and Hastur, if you bind him the cheap way, basically has free run of your body. I tried to get their influences sufficiently Lovecraftian - Cthulhu drives you mad, Nyarlathotep makes you a manipulative, evil trickster, Shub-Niggurath drains you of your will to act, and so on.