Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God
Azathoth is the oldest and most powerful of the Outer Gods, a primordial being of madness that inhabitants the center of the universe.

Vestige Level: 8th
Binding DC: 40

Azathoth is the highest and oldest of the Outer Gods, said to be both their progenitor and that of the Great Old Ones. He is utterly mad, a blind fool who sits at the center of the universe, surrounded by the rest of the Outer Gods. He has little to do with mankind and their world: rather, it is his servant and envoy, the devious Nyarlathotep, who carries out his will. Azathoth takes no notice of the world, forever lost within his own madness. Though few cults directly worship the Demon Sultan, with most occultists preferring to serve one of the lesser Outer Gods, there are still ancient and forbidden texts that detail the invocation of Azathoth, and the making of pacts with him. Azathoth offers tremendous power to those willing to tap into it, but at a dreadful cost.

Azathoth manifests within his seal as a blinding light, from which the strangely manic music of otherworldly flutes can be heard to emanate. Azathoth gibbers senselessly from within the light, raving in his madness.

Those bound to Azathoth are covered with hideous, tumor-like growths that seen to shine from within with an eldritch light.

Those bound to Azathoth lose any trace of sophistication or culture they possess, being reverted to a primitive, savage state of mind. Their intelligence is not diminished, but they become strangely out of touch with civilization, the rest of mankind, and the world. It is not uncommon for those who regularly bind with Azathoth to become convinced that they are lesser Outer Gods themselves, and to feel his influence even when not bound to him.

Granted Abilities
Azathoth grants those bound to him power over madness and fire.

Lord of Madness (Ex)
After feeling the touch of Azathoth’s madness, no lesser force can usurp your mind. You become immune to confusion effects and effects that cause Wisdom damage or drain.

Seething Nuclear Chaos (Su)
You can call upon the vast destructive power controlled by Azathoth to unleash fires hotter than the sun. As a standard action, you may evoke a 30 ft. cone of fire that deals 1d6 damage per binder level, max 25d6, to all creatures caught in it, with a Reflex save, DC 10 +1/2 your binder level + your Charisma modifier for half damage. Half the damage is fire damage, but the other half results directly from unearthly destructive power and is therefore not subject to being reduced by resistance to fire-based attacks. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Things Man Was Not Meant To Know (Su)
You can force the most depraved and terrifying secrets of reality into the mind of another, driving them utterly mad. This functions as the spell insanity, with a DC of 10 + ˝ your binder level + your Charisma modifier. However, unlike the spell, this ability is not permanent: once your pact with Azathoth ends, the target ceases to be affected by it. In addition, you can only use this ability on one creature at a time. If you use it on a creature while another one is still under its effect, the previous target is freed from the insanity. Once you use this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Wall of Fire (Su)
As a standard action, you may summon a wall of fire, as the spell. You do not need to concentrate to maintain the wall, and it lasts for a number of rounds equal to your binder level. The waves of heat the wall emanates deal 1d4 fire damage per two binder levels to creatures within 10 ft. of it, and 1d2 fire damage per two binder levels to creatures within 20 ft. of it but past 10 ft. of it. Creatures passing through the wall take 1d6 points of fire damage per two binder levels. The wall cannot be destroyed by dealing cold damage to it, like a normal wall of fire can. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again until 5 rounds after the end of its duration.