Father Dagon and Mother Hydra
Father Dagon and Mother Hydra are the progenitors of the vile race of aquatic monsters known as the Deep Ones.

Vestige Level: 5th
Binding DC: 23

Father Dagon and Mother Hydra are among the lesser Great Old Ones, and dwell within the depths of the sea. They are the parents to the Deep Ones, a race of aquatic monstrosities that dwell with them in sunken, cyclopean cities. The Deep Ones are the primal ancestors of Locathahs, Merfolk, Sahuagins, and many other aquatic races, but are far more monstrous than any of them. Dagon and Hydra exist in a strange, almost symbiotic union of essence–though they possess separate bodies, the spirit that animates them both seems to be shared, or at least merged. Thus, the binding rituals first practiced by the Esoteric Order of Dagon call on the power of both of the Deep One gods, not one.

Special Requirement
Dagon and Hydra will not bind to any creature with the Fire subtype.

Dagon and Hydra manifests within their seal as a pool of water, seemingly of limitless depth, from which emerges a pair of tentacles, each one covered with watery eyes and shark-like jaws.

Those bound to Dagon and Hydra manifest what is known as the “Innsmouth look,” named after an infamous city populated by human-Deep One hybrids. Their ears shrink; their eyes become watery, bulging, and unblinking; their skin becomes scaly; and they develop vestigial gills on their necks.

Those bound to Dagon and Hydra find themselves drawn to any body of water, finding it almost irresistible to enter it and remain for as long as possible

Granted Abilities
Dagon and Hydra grant those bound to them the power to adapt to water, and to mesmerize the minds of others.

Deep One’s Gift (Ex)
Those bound to Dagon and Hydra may breathe both air and underwater, and gain a swim speed equal to their base land speed. You do not gain this ability if you do not show Dagon and Hydra’s sign.

Doomsong (Su)
As a full-round action, you may sing a mesmerizing song that lures a single creature to you. If that creature fails a Will save, DC 10 + ˝ your binder level + your Charisma modifier, it becomes entranced by your song, and can take no actions except to move towards you, ignoring hazardous obstacles or terrain. Once it comes next to you, it stands motionless, taking no actions, only listening to your song. If the creature is attacked or has a harmful spell cast on it, it breaks out of the trance. You must concentrate to maintain this effect, and can maintain it for a number of rounds equal to half your binder level at maximum. Once you have used this ability, you must wait until 5 rounds after the end of its duration before you can use it again. Creatures that successfully save against the doomsong cannot be affected again by it for as long as you remain bound to Dagon and Hydra.

Echolocation (Ex)
You gain the ability to perceive your surroundings through sound while in water. You gain blindsight out to 30 ft. while submerged in a body of water. However, you can only perceive things with this blindsight that are in or touching the same body of water that you are in.

Fast Healing (Ex)
The children of Dagon and Hydra, the Deep Ones, are said to be immortal, capable of healing any wound simply by immersing themselves in water. While bound to them, you gain something of the vitality of the Deep Ones. You gain fast healing 2 while bound to them. This increases by 1 for every three binder levels you have past 10th. In addition, the amount of fast healing increases by 1 while you are immersed in water. You do not gain this ability if you do not show Dagon and Hydra’s sign.