Glaaki, the Dweller in the Lake
Glaaki is an immense, slug-like Great Old One, served by an army of undead servants. He is perhaps the greatest scholar of eldritch lore, knowing far more than any mortal sage.

Vestige Level: 5th
Binding DC: 25

Glaaki is a massive Old One of slug-like appearance, thought to have been brought to the world while imprisoned within a meteor, from which he was freed after its impact. He resides in a secluded and deep-lake, the exact location of which is a matter of great disagreement among various occult texts. Glaaki is capable of reanimating the dead, transforming them into his own servitors known as the Chosen of Glaaki. He has a great knowledge of the occult and eldritch, and the forbidden tome known as the Revelations of Glaaki were dictated by him to one of his high priests. The rituals used for making pacts with him are thought to have been devised by the Dweller in the Lake himself, though no one knows why he would do this.

Glaaki manifests himself within his seal as a corpse-like figure, bloated and covered in algae. Small slugs eat through the flesh of the corpse-avatar, and Glaaki speaks with a voice like a death-rattle through it.

Those bound to Glaaki begin to secrete slug-like ooze from their eyes, mouth, and other orifices.

Those bound to Glaaki become obsessed with gathering and learning about the occult, particularly the other Great Old Ones.

Granted Abilities
Glaaki grants those bound to him the power to create undead servants, as well as access to his considerable lore of the occult.

Ancient Intelligence (Ex)
You gain a fragment of Glaakiís immense intelligence, granting you a +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence.

Animate Dead (Su)
As a standard action, you can animate a dead creature as a zombie or skeleton under your control, as the animate dead spell. The animated creature serves you for a number of minutes equal to your binder level, after which it crumbles to dust. You can control 2 HD worth of undead creatures per binder level with this ability. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Forbidden Lore (Ex)
While bound to Glaaki, you receive a +10 competence bonus on all Knowledge checks. This bonus increases to +15 for Knowledge checks made regarding aberrations, Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, and similar topics of occult lore, at the DMís discretion.

Glaakiís Wisdom (Su)
While bound to Glaaki, you may call on his wisdom, as the psionic power hypercognition. You may use this ability only once while bound to Glaaki.