Rhan-Tegoth, He of the Ivory Throne
Rhan-Tegoth is among the weakest of Great Old Ones.

Vestige Level: 1st
Binding DC: 10

Of all the Great Old Ones, Rhan-Tegoth is the lowliest and weakest. He lacks the awesome power of Great Cthulhu, the wisdom of Glaaki, or the large and loyal cults of Hastur, and is generally considered to be comparable in power to the lowliest servants of the other Great Old Ones. Some prophecies speak of his survival being necessary to that of the Great Old Ones as a whole, but these were most likely forged by his cultists–though not large in a number, a few fools have found He of the Ivory Throne to be worthy of worship. Many occultists choose to label him the mocking title “Lord of Weakness,” and even his appearance–a spherical body covered in thin tentacles–does not provoke much fear, namely due to its strong resemblance to the Gnomish child’s toy known as a “kooshball.” However, rituals to bind him have still been developed, typically so that cultists might practice binding an Old One that cannot possibly harm them before moving on to more difficult gods.

Rhan-Tegoth manifests within his seal as an empty ivory throne, from which he speaks with a voice comparable to the squishing of sludge or ooze.

The skin of those bound to Rhan-Tegoth grows rubbery and thick.

Rhan-Tegoth causes those bound to him to become insatiably hungry, eating everything they can get their hands on.

Granted Abilities
Rhan-Tegoth grants those bound to him a resilient hide and a modicum of his strength.

Rhan-Tegoth’s Hide (Ex)
You gain a +1 natural armor bonus to AC, and damage reduction 1/piercing and slashing. The natural armor bonus increases by 1 for every 10 binder levels you have, and the damage reduction increases by 1 for every 5 binder levels you have.

Rhan-Tegoth’s Strength (Ex)
You gain Improved Bull Rush as a bonus feat.

Rhan-Tegoth’s Vigor (Ex)
You gain an additional point of hp for every Hit Dice that you have. These hp are not temporary, but do go away when your pact with Rhan-Tegoth ends.