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These are great. I especially like He of the Ivory Throne - I don't remember him from the original mythos, but your description reminds me of that Lovecraft/Evangelion story, Children of An Elder God, where they describe him as a kooshball.
That's exactly what I was going from, shame they never finished. He actually does show up in a mythos story, think it was called The Horror in the Museum. Seeing as he ended up getting killed and stuffed by some guy, I think CoaEG gave him about the right treatment.

Since you did Dagon and Hydra, any chance for a Spawn of Azathoth? I don't remember their powers off the top of my head, just that they're some kinda comet-like things that break off of Azathoth, hit a world, and devour that world, becoming a lesser form of the Demon Sultan in the process.
That sounds like Ghroth, the planetoid Outer God who goes around awakening Old Ones (the "lesser form of Azathoth" bit is just in CoaEG, as far as I know). I actually did try making one for him, but I didn't have any good ideas. Maybe I'll come up with some later.