Lamont's magical gem was glowing, illuminating the coffin with a dim blue light, allowing bart to see the mask on which he poured the daily gruel.
"Bacon and eggs? why bart, you shouldn't have."
Jamming his face up against the slot in the coffin, lamont slurped desperately at the gruel, only to fall back against the further wall once he was fed. looking out at the old man, Lamont notices a dark bruise along the mans' forehead.
"Forgive my manners....i didn't ask what YOU wanted. Perhaps the heart of the man who did that to you? Give me a chance bart, just one opportunity, and i'll gut the one who did it. Next time you come to feed me, tell them i'm choking, or having a seizure. Think about it..." Lamont hisses softly as bart walks away, just before grunting in pain as the mystical backlash takes hold, and arcane lightning whites out the inside of the coffin. "THINK ABOUT IT" he shrieks, before slumping down again, burnt and exhausted.

It's getting worse, these bouts of magical overflow. I need to free myself and get rid of all this energy, even if for a moment.

Lamont grits his teeth again, and focuses on healing the burnt flesh and organs, and trying not to cry out loud as the cold iron makes the process hurt more than the original burning